Monday, January 24, 2011

On easy weekends

So it’s official: The Steelers kick ass and take names. Steelers-Packers, February 6th. This year’s Super Bowl ought to be EPIC.

I obviously spent Sunday afternoon watching football, but the rest of the weekend is worth commenting on as well. 

FC’s car needed a makeover, and since her preferred detailer lives in San Diego, she came down for a visit. I met up with her at El Cajon, and we proceeded to wait for nearly two hours for the dude to show up. Talk about customer service. He did give Fadiya the name of an excellent Italian restaurant nearby, so she and I went and had a fantastic lunch. This place, Etna, had the best ravioli I’ve had in a really long time.

FC stayed with her old roommate, Katie, who had recently relocated to PB. The three of us went out to dinner at Bare Back, a delicious burger joint on Mission Beach, then headed back to Katie’s place for some drinks. The plan was to go to Shore Club and hang out with Katie’s roommates and their friends. Unfortunately, FC and I are old fogies and started nodding off at around 9:30pm. Katie, FC and I headed out on our own, went to Fire House, had a beer, and then headed back. Why yes, we are just that much fun.

I left PB around 1am, and returned later that morning for breakfast at the Broken Yolk. Sitting in the same section as Kate, FC, and I were three Packers fans and two other Steelers fans. Good times. PB must be something of a sports haven, as nearly all of the bars were open by 10am – and there were a lot of bars to choose from. I wanted to go to Bub’s, since that is THE Steelers HQ in San Diego – but it was busy by noon and had a line out the door at 2pm. The game wasn’t until 3:30pm! So I ended up at Erika’s house, which was more than fine by me.

Good friends. Good food. Good football. There’s not much more I could want.

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